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The Genuine Designer Podcast


designers, creatives, and those

who ask hard questions.



Welcome, I'm Hannah, the host of The Genuine Designer Podcast. On the show, we have discussions that bring awareness to the lack of confidence that plagues designers. As I enter the creative field, I will share my heart, journey, research, and stories of those bringing change to our industry. I aim to help others build a life they love with confidence and purpose. Pull up a chair and join the conversation! 


This podcast isn’t my way of saying, “Listen to me, I know best.” But rather, “As a young professional, this is what I’m seeing. Do you want to talk about it?”

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The Genuine Designer brings a warm conversation to topics that affect real creatives— asking the hard questions and sitting with it. We don’t need to “fix” everything at once. Let’s just start by talking about it. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Why a Podcast?

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I think at one point or another, all of us have faced situations where we wish "someone would have told us" or seen issues arise time and time again with little to no conversation about them. As a young designer, I felt many growing pains but also saw problematic issues happening within the industry (that I was committing my career towards). It reminded me of my time as a portrait photographer and similar struggles I felt in that kind of creative industry. As I scrolled through Instagram, it seemed like the issues I saw/experienced were being covered with pretty filters and textured overlays— not showing honest struggles and commonly shared frustrations. Other graphic design podcasts, I tuned into, felt dull or not applicable for a young designer (to be honest, a lot of them felt a bit sleepy). As a Christian, I felt confused on how to be a designer in a secular industry while maintaining my morals— what does that even look like? What does that even mean? I found myself pondering these questions often— so often it started to feel a little foreshadowing. Over the last two years, the Lord grew this strangely specific desire in my heart. I dragged my feet— made just about every excuse in the book... But the Lord chooses my steps. So, here I am, taking a leap of faith, trying my best, and seeing what becomes of The Podcast!

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No worries! Life gets busy. Episode information lives right here!

Prefer reading or need more information on topics covered in the episode? Introducing The Show Notes. All the things in one convenient place!


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Want to be a guest?

The Genuine Designer Podcast welcomes any and all creatives to participate as a guest on the show.


Simply send in your contact information, thoughts you'd like to share, and why you would be a good fit for the show.

Let's chat!

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The Genuine Designer Podcast
Hosted by Hannah.

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